Hello and welcome to my website, i have been able to communicate with spirits  since I was 16, Sometimes we may feel we have lost our way on the pathway of life, with it's many  twists and turns we might find ourselves wondering which direction to take, which way to move forwards....


I  offer all sorts of readings  for those that feel swept up in that unpredictable current. I can not simple supply you with all the answers to your future, that is not what I feel my gift was given to me for. However with my abilities, I can tap into your energy to pick up your current emotions, situation and general life overview and provide messages from those close to you in spirit as well as those guiding you on your pathway.


Sometimes a little clarity goes a long way and wise healing words channeled from the beings of the divine can give us the renewed faith and hope that you are looking for


I have a selection of readings for you to choose from, you will learn more about those as you browse the site, thank you for looking and if you have any questions, then feel free to contact me.



 Love and Light to all who may enter the site













No harm can come to any soul whose honest motive is to do the best. Every soul who desires to serve will find the opportunity provided.


- Silver Birch



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