Spiritual Chat Room

This chatroom is Available if you would like to speak to one of our Spiritual Advisors. Please note Advisors are only availble at set times in the chatroom, if no on is present please make payment then email us to arrange a time.


£20 for 15 Mins to ask one of our advisors

3 questions of your choice ( please note no

general reading is given in the chatroom you can purchase this via email)


Payment is via payal


~Must be 18+ to enter chat  and request a reading


~No swearing


~ Instant ban if rude or to any of our advisors


If you enter the chatroom and no one is available please

email serendipityonline@homail.co.uk to arrange a time


Advisors are:

~ Jackie

~ Serenity

~ Debbie


To identify them in the chatroom, they will have a yellow badge by their name.




Yes or NO Pendulum Answers with Jackie £1 ( ask  up to 3 Questions ), Jackie will ask the Pendulum and reply back with a YES or NO to your question